Keeping Your Dental Implants Clean And Attractive

While dental implants are made to look like your natural teeth, they aren't teeth and must be cleaned and cared for properly. Doing the same things you're already doing is a good start, but extra care is necessary. Not only does proper care keep your implants clean and sparkling, but it also helps protect the overall health of your natural teeth, gums and entire mouth.

Brush Twice a Day

Just like you brush your natural teeth twice a day, it's essential to gently brush your implants twice a day as well. If possible, brushing after every meal is even better. Rinsing your mouth after eating is a good alternative if you don't have access to a toothbrush. Regular daily brushing will whisk away any food particles stuck to and in between your dental implants and natural teeth. 

Use a Special Toothbrush

Talk to your dentist about special toothbrushes specifically designed to help you clean your implants as these can be more effective than traditional toothbrushes. These toothbrushes are specifically made to get between your natural teeth and dental implants more efficiently than a regular toothbrush. These special toothbrushes are also good at helping you remove plaque between your teeth, which protects the health of the area around your implants, as well as your entire mouth.

Floss Once a Day

Though dental implants aren't susceptible to dental decay and cavities like natural teeth are, it's still imperative to floss between implants and your own teeth. This helps remove any food particles and bacteria from between your teeth, which keeps your gums healthy, too. There are special types of floss on the market that are specifically designed to fit around implants, as well as under and between any hardware surrounding the implants.

See Your Dentist Twice a Year

Biannual visits to your dentist is a crucial part of keeping your implants clean. Regular cleanings will help remove surface stains and will also ensure that the gums around the implant are healthy. These regular appointments can also help your dentist hone in on potential problems before they cause unattractive damage.

Avoid Certain Foods

Though foods and drinks, such as red wine and tea, won't stain your implants the way that they can natural teeth, avoiding certain foods will keep your implants looking attractive. Don't chew ice or eat other hard foods, such as hard candies and taffy, because these increase the risk of breakage, and broken implants can be unsightly.

For more information on maintaining implants, contact a professional, like those at Oral Surgery Associates Inc.