3 Tips For Whitening Sensitive Teeth At Home

If the thought of whitening your teeth makes you cringe, you are not alone.  According to the ADA, 40 million people in the U.S. have sensitive teeth and gums.  Follow these tips to achieve a lighter and whiter smile with minimal discomfort.

Buy The Right Products

Don't just buy the strongest teeth whitener on the market.  Use products especially made for sensitive teeth that will be gentler on your teeth and gums.  Another solution is to buy whiteners made with carbamide peroxide available for purchase online.  Carbamide peroxide penetrates tooth enamel at a slower rate resulting in less discomfort and pain.  

Take an anti-inflammatory pill before and after the whitening treatment.  Also, apply desensitizing gel or strips right after treatment to immediately stop the stinging or burning pain in your teeth and gums. Tooth sensitivity lasts for 24-48 hours after the treatment. Don't be afraid to contact your dentist in case pain persists for longer than that.  

Follow the Directions

It's tempting to just leave the whitening product on for a long time to maximize the lightening effect.  However, it's crucial to follow the time listed in the instructions to avoid damaging your enamel and experiencing a significant amount of pain.  If it starts to hurt too much, take off the strips or rinse off the treatment right away.  

Do give your teeth and gums a break from the chemicals by spacing out treatments over a few days.  Do a trial run and use the treatment for a shorter time than suggested.  By spacing out the treatment or doing repeat treatments of shorter duration, you will experience less pain and discomfort but achieve the same amount of whitening.

Take Care Of Your Teeth Before And After Treatment

Brush you teeth before applying a whitening treatment.  After your treatment is done, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.  Don't brush again as the teeth and gums are especially sensitive at this time and brushing will aggravate the pain.  

After treatment, avoid eating and drinking anything acidic.  This includes coffee, soda, red wine, and pasta sauce and citrus fruits. Steer clear of drinking very cold or very hot beverages for a couple of days after the treatment.  Babying your teeth and gums speeds up the healing process and you will be back to enjoying your favorite foods and drinks in no time at all.

Your quest for whiter teeth should be not hampered by tooth sensitivity.  Taking the proper precautions will ensure that you experience little to no pain and enjoy a great smile. (For more questions, contact Nitro Family Dentistry or another practice)