Answering Two Basic But Important Questions About Braces

When it comes to ensuring that your smile is as beautiful as it can possibly be, there are numerous treatments available that are designed to correct almost any cosmetic problem you may encounter. In particular, orthodontic treatments have become increasingly popular, but there are many patients that do not have a basic understanding of these treatments, and this may make it difficult for you to make a sound decision for your needs.

Learning a couple of questions and answers concerning orthodontic treatments should allow you to have more of the resources you need to make a sound decision:

Why Do Some Teeth Have To Be Extracted For Orthodontic Treatments?

Some patients may be shocked to learn that the dentist will need to remove some teeth before the braces can be installed. It may seem odd that these professionals will remove teeth to improve your smile, but it is important to note that it is possible for the mouth to be too small to accommodate all of the teeth that have grown into it. 

If this is the situation, failure to remove these excess teeth may make it impossible to the braces to correctly align your teeth. While there is some intense discomfort that comes from tooth extractions, this minor pain may be a small price to pay for a drastic improvement in the quality of your smile. 

Are Clear Braces A Viable Option For Patients?

For patients that are wanting to keep the cosmetic impacts of the braces to a minimum, the invention of clear braces has been a  tremendous advancement. While clear braces are able to correct a great number of cosmetic problems with the mouth, it is important for you to be aware that there are some types of dental problems that even these braces can not correct. This is most often commonly the case when there are extensive corrections that need to be made to the teeth or alignment of the bite. 

Fortunately, if you are one of the patients that is not suited for clear braces, it should still be possible for you to get traditional braces to correct the problem. While these braces will be more noticeable, they are time-tested techniques for correcting cosmetic dental problems, which means that you may not have to wear them for long if you follow your orthodontist's instructions. 

Deciding to undergo orthodontic treatments is likely a decision that you have been considering for awhile. While braces may be most commonly associated with teenagers and other young children, they are actually suitable for patients of almost any age group. Realizing that you may need to have teeth extracted for the braces to be installed and that clear braces may not always be a suitable option, you can ensure you are making the best choices possible for improving the appearance of your smile.

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