3 Reasons To Choose A Primary Dentist

Many people wonder if they need to choose a dentist who is their primary care provider. Although you can get good deals by jumping around to dentists, it is not the best thing for your teeth. Instead, you should try and stay with one dentist for a longer period of time if possible. Here are a couple reasons why.

1. Your Dentist Will Get To Know Your Teeth

Each person's teeth are totally different. Some people have softer teeth while other people have stronger teeth. Your dentist will get to know your teeth and their patterns the more you go. For example, you might have softer teeth. Your primary dentist will know this and not assume that every time there is a little softness that you have a cavity and need a filling. If you go to a new dentist they might see this and assume you have a cavity. But if you have a relationship with your dentist, they can predict how long you have till you need fillings, if the cavity is severe, and how your treatment should be for your specific needs.

2. Your Dentist Can Keep A "Watch" On Certain Teeth

Another reason to see the same dentist is because they can put a "watch" on certain teeth. For example, say that you go into the dentist and they notice a little decay on the tooth. It doesn't become a cavity until it actually reaches the dentin of the tooth. Thus, you might go years without needing a filling because it isn't a cavity, just some simple decay.

When you see the same dentist, they can keep an eye on the tooth and catch the cavity right away. If you see different dentist each time you go, there is a good chance that someone will want to fill it before it needs it.

3. Your Insurance Appreciates A Primary Dentist

Your insurance company will create a relationship with your dentist. It is easier for them if they can work with the same dentist to get you the treatment that you want. In addition, some insurance companies have waiting periods for dental care. This means that, if you keep changing dentists, they might not honor the waiting period. They may make you wait longer or get a second opinion before paying for dental work. Thus, it could cost you more money in the long run if you keep switching dentists.

These are just a couple reasons why you should choose a primary dentist. Contact various dental companies like Advanced Dental Professionals to see what you like in a dentist and find someone who works well with you.