Answers For Some Common Pediatric Dental Questions

Children have vastly different dental care needs than adults, and it is an unfortunate fact that many new parents are poorly informed about the potential problems their children can encounter. This may lead to them make some mistakes that can cause dental problems for their child. By having the following information, you will find yourself better able to ensure that your child has a beautiful smile for the rest of their life. 

How Can You Prevent Cavities From The Baby Bottle?

A common source of tooth decay and gum disease for small children stems from their bottles. When you are feeding a baby with a bottle, their teeth and gums are exposed to large amounts of sugars, and this can contribute to the formation of plaque and tartar. Over time, this can lead to numerous dental problems for your child. 

To minimize this risk, you should always clean your child's teeth and gums when you are done feeding them. A damp cloth may be the best option, but make sure to only use gentle pressure when you are doing this to avoid accidentally irritating the gums which can lead to discomfort and infections.  

Can Losing A Tooth Prematurely Cause Problems For Your Child's Smile?

There are some parents that are under the impression that it is harmless for their child to lose a tooth as long as it is not one of their adult teeth. Unfortunately, it should be noted that if your child loses a baby tooth before it is ready to fall out, it can have a major impact on the appearance of their smile in the future. This occurs because the remaining teeth may shift positions to close this gap, which can cause the adult tooth to erupt out of place. 

Fortunately, it is possible for your child's dentist to install a spacer in the gap to help prevent this problem from occurring. These spacers will act to preserve the spacing of the teeth by preventing the remaining teeth from shifting into the gap. Once the adult tooth starts to emerge, the spacer can be removed to allow the tooth to grow into place. It should be noted that this is something that only needs to be done when a baby tooth is prematurely lost. When the baby teeth fall out naturally, it indicates that the adult tooth will emerge before the remaining teeth can shift positions. 

When your child encounters dental problems, it can be an extremely stressful situation for you to go through as a parent because you may not know how to proceed. By understanding the importance of cleaning your child's teeth after bottle feedings and the benefits of having spacers installed, you can help ensure your child's mouth is safe from some common problems.  For more information, contact a company Children's Dental Center Of Central Iowa PLC.