Natural Ways To Freshen Your Breath When You Don’t Have A Toothbrush Available

If you suffer from bad breath often, and you can smell odor coming from your mouth while you are out and about in public without a toothbrush on hand, there are a few methods you can use to help the situation before someone notices. Bad breath is a problem that affects about 80 million people worldwide at any given time. It is usually an indication there may be an underlying problem with your teeth, or it may be a genetic disorder that needs constant attention. If you are someone suffering from this condition, you will want to try one of the following methods to freshen your breath if you notice the smell creeping up on you while away from home.

Use Saliva To Alleviate

When you do not have any other method available to take away the smell of bad breath, your saliva can help wash away bacteria in your mouth, taking way some of the odor along with it. A dry mouth harbors more bacteria than one that has been hydrated. Ask someone for a drink of water or eat something small to get your salivary glands working, giving your mouth much needed moisture to take away bad smells.

Select The Proper Foods

If you are not at home, there will usually be somewhere to grab a bite to eat nearby. Select breath-freshening foods to help keep your mouth smelling better. Citrus such as oranges or lemons will deodorize breath because the acid within will stimulate salivary glands quickly. Ask for a glass of water with a lemon for a quick fix. Parsley and celery are both vegetables that contain chlorophyll, which naturally fights germs. Several spices help take away bad breath including cinnamon, cloves, fennel, anise seeds, and dill. If you are ordering food, ask that one of these be added to your meal to help combat your bad breath. 

Scrape Away Bacteria

If you are in an area without food or drinking water, scraping your tongue will remove bacteria and get your salivary glands moving. Excuse yourself to a secluded area and use a clean metal or plastic item, such as a spoon or a credit card, to remove surface bacteria from your tongue. If you do not have a hard item available, you can try scraping your teeth along your tongue several times to remove bacteria. Spit out the bacteria often as you do this instead of swallowing the grime you collect!

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