Three Criteria for Choosing a Family Dentist

When choosing a dentist for your family, it is tempting to just choose the dentist who is closest to your home or work. But if you have young children, it is especially important to choose a dentist who will work well with them as well as with you. 

A Waiting Area for Everyone

Some dentist offices will have a waiting area with nice, plush couches, a TV with the news playing on it, magazines, etc. While such a waiting room might be good for adults or even older children, small children need something to help them occupy their time. A good waiting room for children will have toys, a dedicated play area, children's books, and/or video games that will help children to stay occupied while waiting for their appointments.

Dedicated Staff

Not every dentist receives specific training to help theme relate to children. A family dentist clinic will have hygienists and staff that have received specific training in how to work with children. The needs of adults are very different from the needs of children. Children can be curious and easily excited, which can make them difficult to work with. A dentist or hygienist who has received a degree in pediatric dentistry will have skills, techniques, and the understanding that will enable them to work with children. Thus, whenever you look for a family dentist, you should make sure you find hygienists who can help your children feel comfortable. 


While x-ray machines, drills, and other paraphernalia of the dental trade should be easy to find in any dentist office, a family dentist recognizes that working with children requires specialized equipment. For example, a dentist might have wireless headphones and a TV that children can watch while they are waiting for the dentist or while the dentist is running the drill. A dentist might also have video games for children to play. Smaller dental tools that are designed for working with children can also help them to feel more comfortable in a dentist's office. After all, the dentist's drill and the whole experience of going to the dentist can produce anxiety even in adults, so anything you can do to help your children cope better with going to the dentist can help them to develop good habits of dental hygiene.

Helping children to form good habits of dental hygiene is important. The right dentist can help your children to form good habits that will last a long time; thus, when you choose a dentist for your family, you should give your children's needs first priority. Contact representatives from establishments like Village Family Dental to find the right dentist for your family.