Options In Sedation Dentistry That Can Help Your Dental Phobia

Sedation dentistry is a something to consider if you have a fear of going to the dentist. It makes dental procedures easier to bear because you are given medications that help you relax. You may be so relaxed that you sleep during the office visit and remember very little about the procedure itself. There are different option available in sedation dentistry. Depending on your dental needs and degree of phobia, your dentist will choose among these types of sedation.

Oral Medication Prepares You For The Appointment

If you have anxiety even thinking about going to the dentist's office, then oral medication might help. You can take a pill the night before or the morning of your dentist visit. The medication helps you relax so you can make it to your appointment. Oral medication is a good option if your anxiety usually wins out and you skip your appointment because of it. Once the dental work gets underway, you may need other types of sedation to get through the procedure. Oral sedation can be combined with IV sedation if necessary.

Gas Inhalation Works Quickly And Wears Off Fast

Nitrous oxide gas has been used in dentistry for many years. It is delivered through a small mask you wear on your nose. As you breathe in the gas, you become giddy and less anxious. Nitrous oxide might be a good choice if you have a fear of needles, or get anxious during a physical examination or dental cleaning. The effect of the gas goes to work quickly and it wears off fast, so it is a good choice if you don't need prolonged sedation.

IV Sedation Keeps You Relaxed Throughout Your Visit

IV sedation is the best way to provide the ideal level of sedation throughout the procedure. You'll have an IV line in place during your dental visit. If your anxiety builds up, the dentist can administer more medication to keep you calm. IV sedation is also known as conscious sedation because you'll be relaxed but alert. You'll be able to follow instructions from the dentist even though you're deeply relaxed. IV sedation is a good choice if you're concerned about oral medication not working well enough. You have peace of mind knowing your dentist can increase and decrease the amount of medication you receive so your anxiety stays at bay. This type of sedation is suitable for all types of dental work, especially if you have several teeth worked on in a single visit. Since you are in and out of twilight sleep, your dental visit will fly by.

General Anesthesia Provides Deep Sedation

General anesthesia might be an option in some cases. If you're having all your teeth pulled at once and implants put in for dentures, your dentist may use general anesthesia. General anesthesia is deep sedation. You are fully asleep even to the point where you don't breathe on your own. It's a good option if you've let your teeth go and need extensive dental work, and want it all done on the same day. You'll be put to sleep and wake up once the procedure is completely over.

One thing to keep in mind is that sedation is used for anxiety and not pain prevention. It doesn't numb you or offer pain relief. Except in the case of general anesthesia, you'll also need to have anesthetic injections when you have your dental work done. Contact a local dentist, like Quality Dental Care L.L.C., for more information.