Why Crowns Are Still A Good Choice

When you think about restoring your damaged teeth, you may worry that you may soon need a partial plate or full set of dentures. Although these tooth restoration methods are still viable options, sometimes all you need is the tried and true dental crown. Before investing in any other corrective method for a broken or severely decayed tooth, ask your dentist about getting crowns instead.


Dental crowns are made out of resin or porcelain, so they look like real teeth. The color is natural and somewhat "translucent," so no one needs to know that the tooth isn't your original one. Crowns resist stains while covering up your cracked, broken, or otherwise problem teeth. A crown can also be attached to a bridge to replace a missing tooth. They can remedy a variety of dental problems in just a visit or two.


Dental crowns generally last between five and fifteen years although they can last several decades or longer. The type of crown you get affects its longevity. A 100% porcelain crown looks the most natural, but it is more fragile than a porcelain and metal model. Also, if you grind your teeth or frequently bite on hard surfaces such as ice, your crown's life may be shortened. Still, a properly-cared-for crown can give you years of carefree dental restoration. 


Dental crowns are part of the implant process, a way to replace a missing tooth without relying on dentures or bridges. A metal post is inserted through your gum into the bone and then covered with a crown. New 3-D print technology means that your crown can be created in the office in just a few minutes. Then it can immediately be attached to the implant, meaning all the restorative work is done in just one visit. Th process quickly restores your smile so that you no longer have to be self-conscious about your missing tooth. 

Dental crowns have been around for many years, but they are still quite effective at restoring the strength of damaged teeth while protecting them against further damage or decay. In addition, they make your teeth look attractive again. Advances in technology have made crowns even more convenient. Dental professionals can now create your personalized crown by using 3-D printing in the office. When you have tooth issues, ask your dentist about the possibility of using a crown or crowns to restore the look of your smile.