Homemade Remedies To Protect Your Mouth From Periodontal Disease

Improper dental care can lead to periodontal disease, an infection in the gums that can serious damage or destroy your jawbone. Sadly, over forty-seven percent of American adults suffer from periodontal disease. If left untreated, this infection can lead to other, more disastrous, diseases in your mouth. Eventually, you could even lose teeth and have to face expensive dental implant surgery to recover your smile. Fortunately for you, there are several homemade concoctions that you can make that will reverse this infection and make your mouth healthier and your gums stronger. These remedies will reverse the effects of this gum disease and get you back on track for a healthier dental lifestyle.

Coconut Oil

A method for healing periodontal disease is called oil pulling. It is the method of actually pulling toxins and harmful bacteria out of your mouth, helping in the healing process of your teeth and gums. It can also reduce swelling and inflammation while reversing gum recession.

To use this method, you can use coconut oil, olive oil or sesame oil, as long as it is one hundred percent organic. Take a tablespoon of the oil and swish it around in your mouth like a mouthwash for several minutes before spitting it out. You can do this twice a day to remove plaque and help your gums heal.

Sage Leaf

Sage leaf has been a traditional natural cure for periodontal disease and other mouth diseases because it is a natural anti-bacterial and antioxidant. This method will remove the bacteria that clings onto the gums and tongue and will help reverse receding gum lines. To use this method simply boil several safe leaves in a pot of water and gargle with it like your regular mouthwash. You can use this method multiple times a day until you start seeing results.


Neem, a popular remedy in India, is powerful and can reverse dental diseases while reducing pain and swelling in the mouth. Neem is both a natural antimicrobial and an anti fungal. So when you use this method, not only will you remove the bacteria that is causing periodontal disease, you will also protect your mouth by making it harder for the bacteria to regrow in your mouth.

For this method of reversing periodontal disease, you will want to boil neem leaves in a pot of water. Just like the other methods, you are going to swish it around in your mouth for several minutes before spitting it out.

Using one of the remedies listed above, you can reverse this disease and protect your mouth against future harm.