Hemophobia: Three Ways to Prepare for a Dental Appointment and Avoid Blood

For someone with hemophobia, going to any type of doctor's appointment comes with natural fears. While the sight of blood is not always common at the dentist, there are times when gums bleed or advanced procedures result in the sight of blood. Instead of worrying about blood during your appointment, you can consult with a dentist and plan ahead for your visit. There are three different ways you can prepare for a dental appointment and deal with your hemophobia in a reasonable fashion.

Mouth Numbness

Along with the sight of blood, you may not like the taste of blood in your mouth. To help avoid the taste, you can seek a numbing gel for your tongue. Numbing gel is often used for fillings and deep cleanings at a dental appointment. By having the gel applied to your tongue, you can temporarily lose feeling and taste until after the appointment has ended. This can also help give time to clear out any type of blood from your mouth. Office procedures are always different, so it's good to consult with your dentist and express your fears. This will help the office employees set up a special numbing solution for each appointment that you have.

Blackout Glasses

The bright lights of a dental office are usually blocked off with a pair of tinted goggles supplied to patients. However, these goggles still allow you to see any blood that may appear during your appointment. Instead of shutting your eyes the whole time, you can relax and avoid seeing any blood by wearing blackout glasses. For example, there is a brand called Blackout Bands that are shaped like regular sunglasses and can block out any light that comes your way. Purchasing these goggles or any other type is a great way to block out visuals of blood and get through your appointment with ease.

Dark Washcloths

One of the main areas where you may see blood is on the bib that patients often wear around their neck. Bloody spit and drool may get wiped on these bibs and increase your fear and anxiety. Help reduce the visual of blood by bringing your own dark washcloths to an appointment. Dark blue or black washcloths will not show any visual evidence of the blood and can keep the bright red colors hidden. When bringing the washcloths to the appointment, you should bring them up at the beginning so that the dentist or hygienist is aware and can properly use them.

Don't let your phobia stop you from getting clean teeth. Many dentists are accommodating with different conditions and can help you get through any appointment that you have. Call a dental office like Milan Simanek DDS and make an appointment for a cleaning soon.