Dental Emergency: When Your Front Teeth Are Missing

Even those people who are lax about their dental care have one big fear about their smile: losing their front teeth. Once the front teeth are gone, there is literally no way to disguise your dental issues. Sometimes, front teeth are eroded by extreme dental decay, but often they are damaged by trauma such as car accidents or another physical injury. Fortunately, modern dental techniques can quickly repair or replace these very noticeable issues. 


When you have a broken or missing front tooth, you are understandably anxious to remedy that issue as soon as possible. In some cases, you can have a "same-day" implant attached, which includes a metal post, an abutment, and a crown. When you lose a tooth, you do need to have something put into the socket as soon as possible to limit bone erosion. But, having the entire process done on one day can be problematic, simply because the implant needs time to fuse to the bone. However, you may be able to have it done in one day depending on your dentist and the condition of your jaw. In some situations, completing the process may take several months. Although you may be uncomfortable with your appearance during this time period, waiting to complete your implant can have long-term benefits. 


Dental bridges are a tried and true method used to restore your smile. These appliances are custom-made for your mouth and contain false teeth that are fastened to surrounding teeth. Creating a bridge requires preparing these adjacent teeth and taking molds of your mouth in order to create the replacement teeth. You can either have a bridge permanently bonded in your mouth or one made that can be removed. A bridge works well for many people, although they can cause damage to the surrounding teeth.

No Replacement

Replacing your front teeth is important for multiple reasons. You will have a difficult time feeling confident in your appearance with missing front teeth. These missing teeth can cause sunken cheeks as well as a misaligned bite. You need to replace your front teeth for your overall well-being.

If you have missing front teeth, your dentist can quickly remedy the situation. Often, a permanent implant is the best long-term solution, but other options are available. Consult with a local dental specialist, such as those found at Alliance Family Dental, about which of these options will work best for you. In short order, you can have a beautiful smile once again.