What Type Of Braces Should You Get As An Adult

If you are unhappy with uneven or crooked teeth, and you've always felt super self conscious about them, then it is time you did something about them. Luckily, the large and clunky braces of your childhood are no longer the only option. You might have memories of classmates with large, obvious brace, but that's no longer an issue you need to be concerned about. There are multiple types of braces you can use. All of these are less obvious than old fashioned metal braces. Some are virtually invisible. Here's the three most common types.


These braces are the least invasive and the least noticeable. They are made of a durable plastic material that is molded to your teeth.You wear them for most of the day (you can take them off to eat or brush your teeth) and they exert a gentle pressure on your teeth. Unlike metal braces, they are not adjusted or tightened. Instead, you remove them after a few weeks and put on a new set that is remolded to fit your new alignment. You will have to speak with your dentist if you have severe crooked teeth. Sometimes, if the tooth angle is extremely distorted, metal or semi-permanent braces will need to be used.

Lingual Braces (Inside Braces)

These are metal braces, but they are not visible when you smile because they are applied on the backside of your teeth. So, you can smile and talk confidently without worrying that people are noticing your braces. Even the plastics  will be visible if you're close to someone. The downside to lingual braces is that they can't be removed, and they can cause soreness at the gum line. Also, they are expensive to install. However, they do allow for your dentist to alter the wires and tension extremely accurately because each tooth will have it's own metal stress point which can be adjusted. This allows for a much more precise control than a standard plastic mold. However, they are not as successful as front of the tooth braces when it comes to dealing with severely crooked teeth.

Ceramic Front Of Tooth Braces

If you've got extremely crooked teeth, then you will need to have traditional braces. However, the new ceramic front of tooth braces are much less obvious than metal braces. They can come in colors (you might have seen little kids with bright blues or pinks) including tooth colored. The wires and ceramic can be made to match your tooth color so that they are not as apparent. They are adjusted by your dentists, so they allow for the expert precision to control the tooth's change. They are also easier to clean and less expensive than back of teeth braces.