FAQ About Bad Oral Health & Damaged Teeth

Unattractive teeth can interefere with the desire to smile, but the problem is even worth when other oral health problems are present too. Teeth can actually become unattractive and damaged to the extent of someone being too embarrassed to visit a dentist to bring them back to good shape. If you are dealing with such a situation, keep in mind that it is normal for a dentist to see teeth that are in various conditions that are sometimes worse than yours. Take the first step to bringing health and beauty back to your teeth by making an appointment for a dental exam. This article answers a few of the questions that you might be concerned about in regards to your teeth.

Does It Take Long to Treat Gum Disease?

If gum disease is found, the length of time to treat it will depend on how much it has progressed. The first thing that the dentist will do is get rid of the infection that caused the disease to develop. He or she will prescribe antibiotics for the infection, and they usually work fast if you take every dose as instructed. If the disease led to other conditions developing, they will be treating when the infection is gone. For instance, it is common for gum disease to cause abscesses that must be treated in a fast manner.

Can the Surface of Damaged Teeth Be Changed?

It is very possible for a dentist to change the surface of your damaged teeth. One of the fastest ways to brig beauty back to damaged enamel is with the placement of porcelain veneers. The damaged portion of your teeth can be sanded down, such as if they are discolored, chipped, or uneven in length. After sanding is done and the enamel has been prepared, dental cement is applied to the surface so veneers can be attached. Dental veneers will give your teeth beauty to the extent as though they have never been in bad shape.

How Much Pain Is Involved With Dental Work?

Dental work can cause a lot of pain depending on what is being done. However, you can be sedated to the extent of the pain being barely noticeable to not feeling anything at all. For instance, if you opt for getting porcelain veneers, there might not be a large amount of pain. You might feel a little discomfort, but the dentist can administer anesthesia to help you feel relaxed. You will also go home with a prescription for pain medication.

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