Whistle While You Work? How To Close Teeth Gaps

You may have gap teeth for a number of reasons. You may have had a baby tooth that never fell out and it caused there to be gaps between your teeth when the tooth finally got pulled. Or, you may have never had your wisdom teeth come in and it caused there to be gaps between your teeth. You may have smaller teeth that don't come together enough to fill all the spaces in your gums. No matter what the reason is, there are things that you can do to close the gaps between your teeth and you can learn about some of your options by reading this information.

  • You may be a good person for braces

No matter what age you are, you may be a good person for braces when it comes to closing gaps between your teeth. The braces can be a bit painful and irritating once they first go on, but you should get used to them after just a few days. They will take a while to close the gaps, but once they have done their job you will have that great looking set of teeth you wanted.

  • You can also go with clear aligners

Aligners work in the same manner as braces, meaning that they pull the teeth together. They are more comfortable to wear and unlike the braces, can be taken out daily. However, be prepared to wear these longer than braces since they don't apply the same amount of constant pressure like the braces do. Since they are clear, it's harder for someone to see that you have an appliance even in your mouth.

  • Snap in teeth

If you have gaps in your teeth, but you aren't that concerned with them, then you may just want to have a way to make them look a little better when you are going to be on film or having your pictures taken. If this is the case, then you can have snap in prosthetics taken that snap right over your real teeth and that give you a great looking smile. Keep in mind, these teeth aren't intended for you to wear constantly and you also can't eat most foods with them in. However, they are easy to get, affordable and may serve your purposes well.

  • Have veneers put on your teeth

Depending on the number of gaps in your smile and the number of teeth involved, you can have a certain amount of veneers put on some of your teeth to correct the issue. For example, if you only have a gap in the middle of your front teeth, then veneers can be put on your two front teeth to close the gap. However, if you have a mouth full of gaps, then veneers can be put on many of your teeth to close them all.

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