Why Your Teeth Hurt So Much

If your teeth are hurting and you have a low tolerance to pain, you might have a really difficult time. Teeth can be sensitive to changes in temperature, aches, and soreness. You might experience pain as you are biting into something. You might also experience pain when your tooth comes into contact with sweets. 


Oftentimes, a toothache is the result of a cavity. However, that isn't always the case, and your dentist will need to diagnose the cause of the tooth pain to treat the root cause. A common way to diagnose what is wrong with a toothache is to perform an X-ray. When your dentist discovers a cavity, this is because your tooth has decayed as a result of bacteria. This can lead to your tooth being very sensitive to heat and cold. 

Cracked Teeth

Instead of a cavity, you might have a damaged tooth. If you were playing sports recently, you might have taken a blow that cracked your tooth. This will expose the sensitive inner layers and cause pain. It can also create a path that will allow bacteria to enter inside. You might also crack your tooth from the pressure of biting down. 

Inflamed Root Pulp

An infection can cause the tooth pulp to become inflamed. When that happens, the inflammation can place pressure on the inside of the tooth and the surrounding tissue. In some cases, the symptoms from an inflamed tooth can be very mild depending on the extent of the inflammation, but it will get much worse over time. 

Bacterial Infections in the Pulp Chamber

When bacteria builds up in the pulp chamber, it can become infected. Then the infection tries to drain itself, and this can cause severe swelling if it isn't treated. Bacteria can also cause gum disease, which may also cause you to suffer from tooth pain.

Impacted Teeth

When your teeth are not able to move into the right position, they can become impacted. This can then cause your teeth to become stuck under your gums. This will cause pain and soreness. 

Don't Let the Fear of Pain Keep You from the Dentist

If you are suffering from a toothache, the last thing you probably want is to visit a dentist who will cause you to suffer even more pain. However, there are dentists who specialize in painless dentistry and will help alleviate the pain you are suffering from.