Are You Looking For A Permanent Solution For Your Lost Teeth? Find Out Why You Should Select Dental Implants Over Dentures

Everyone dreams of having a perfectly aligned and complete set of teeth. However, as you age, and depending on your level of dental hygiene, you might lose your permanent teeth. When it happens, you have to decide how to fill the gaps, and the two popular options are dentures and dental implants. The two procedures will help you close the gap and regain your dental function, but they have each have unique advantages. 

Dental implants are a more sensible choice because they offer a permanent solution to the tooth loss problem. Here are three reasons to consider dental implants over other temporary procedures, such as dentures. 

You Will Get a Healthy Jaw

When you lose a tooth, the jaw bone next to the place where the root was implanted is also affected. Because of the reduced impact of the tooth on the jaw, the bone might lose its density over time, which might create more dental health problems for you. Getting dentures will not protect you from bone loss.

Once you have the titanium root attached to the jawbone, it acts like a normal bone tissue and promotes the regeneration of the jawbone. Therefore, dental implants can help save your face from losing shape after the loss of your natural teeth.

You Will Find Them Easy to Maintain

You do not have to worry about your implants getting cavities. However, you have to keep them clean for the sake of the remaining teeth in the mouth. Fortunately, you do not need special cleaning products to keep the prosthetic healthy. You clean and floss them the same way you do with the other teeth. When you opt for dentures, you might have to remove them and clean them separately daily, which can be exhausting.

With the implants, you care for your teeth as you did before. Also, it is important to visit the dentist twice a year for routine checkups.

You Will Regain Normal Tooth Function

Dental Implants resemble natural teeth in every way. Unless you tell someone, they will not know the difference between the two. The structure of the tooth also makes it possible and safe to eat hard and crunchy foods, like apples, without fear of damaging them.

The essential thing is getting an assessment from a dentist to help you decide whether you have enough bone density for the implant. As long as you follow the dentist's instructions, they can assure you of strong, healthy, and natural-looking implants to replace your missing teeth.