Things To Expect After Leaving Your Botox Treatment Appointment

If you are new to Botox, you might not really know just what it is that you should expect. This can be concerning for a lot of people, as it's the not knowing that can cause them to have anxiety about getting the Botox treatment. However, it is a simple process and once you have a good understanding of what you should expect after the appointment, you will be ready to go. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

You Can't Sleep On Your Face At Night

For the first night after receiving the Botox, you will want to refrain from sleeping on your stomach, as this will have your face resting directly against the pillow or mattress. Instead, sleep on your back so your face does not rest upon anything. After the first night, you will be able to sleep in any position that you are used to sleeping in, as long as you do not experience any discomfort in doing so.

You Should Avoid Facial Massaging

It is important to make sure that you are not massaging any of your face muscles, as you could mess up the results of the Botox. To help make sure that you are not accidentally causing problems, you may even want to avoid applying makeup, as the pressure from your hands or makeup sponge could cause some issues. After your face has the chance to rest for a day or two, you can then go back to your regular beauty routine, even if that includes facial massages.

The Results Will Not Be Immediate

You do not want to disappoint yourself by being overly concerned with the results, or lack of results, that you notice the following day. Understand that this is not an overnight transformation. It might take a few days or weeks before the full results are able to be seen. You can talk with your technician to see if they can give you a better timeline based on the amount of Botox you get and where you got it injected.

Make sure that you are going to a skilled technician when it comes to getting Botox injections. This way, you will have a much better chance of getting quality injections and desirable end results. If you want to keep up with your new look, you may have to return once or twice a year to get additional injections.