Have a Toothache? Know How You Can Stop It from Hurting

Are you experiencing a toothache and not sure what to do about it? The pain from a toothache can come on quickly and be persistent, meaning that you are stuck at home waiting until you can see a dentist. Rather than just tough it out until your appointment, it will help to know these tips to deal with a toothache and stop it from hurting.

Bring Down the Swelling

You may not be able to see the swelling, but the toothache is likely caused by the inflammation of your tooth's nerves or the gums. That's why it's important to bring down the swelling to help relieve some of that pain. You can do this by using ibuprofen and a cold compress so that blood does not rush to the area that is hurting. 

Remove Debris Causing Pain

It is worth looking in your mouth at the tooth that is causing problems, because there may be debris stuck in your gums that is causing you pain. Try getting out some dental floss and working it around the tooth, since there may be something that is causing irritation beneath the gum line that you cannot see.

Eat Softer Foods

Putting pressure on that problematic tooth is likely going to cause you pain, so you should take steps to prevent that from happening. Switch to eating some softer foods that are not going to cause the pressure to be put on the tooth. Anything you can do to avoid irritation is going to help you deal with the toothache until you can see the dentist. 

Rinse Out Your Mouth

An easy thing that you can do at home is to rinse out your mouth to help deal with the pain. A saltwater rinse can be used several times a day, which is going to reduce the swelling in your gums by removing the moisture from the area. A peroxide rinse can also help due to its antimicrobial properties, but should not be used regularly. Just make sure to make a 50/50 solution with peroxide and water, and then rinse your mouth out with water afterward. 

Keep Your Head Elevated

You may not realize that laying down in your bed is what is causing your toothache to hurt the most at night. Try elevating your head to take the pressure off your mouth by either propping your head up with more pillows or sitting upright in a recliner. 

And remember, if you need to see a dentist, don't hesitate to make an appointment.