Do You Have A Family Member Who Cannot Easily Visit Their Dentist?

A dental clinic should be well-equipped to serve patients from all walks of life. Certain considerations can apply for patients with diminished mobility or cognitive functions, but the services on offer are as accessible as possible. However, a patient may reach a stage in life when physically visiting their dentist becomes impractical and even impossible. This may be the case when you have a parent or grandparent whose reduced mobility and cognitive changes (such as those experienced during dementia) mean that a dentist must come to them. Read More 

Things To Expect After Leaving Your Botox Treatment Appointment

If you are new to Botox, you might not really know just what it is that you should expect. This can be concerning for a lot of people, as it's the not knowing that can cause them to have anxiety about getting the Botox treatment. However, it is a simple process and once you have a good understanding of what you should expect after the appointment, you will be ready to go. Read More 

When Is A Root Canal Procedure Necessary?

Root canals involve cleaning out the decay in your tooth's core. As you well know, cavities can worsen over time if you fail to address them. You'll find the bacteria eating away the enamel until it gets to the dental pulp and root as well.  Once the cavities reach these sensitive areas, you may not handle the sensitivity, pain, and discomfort well. If it gets to that, you might require a root canal. Read More 

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Tooth Extraction Surgery

One of the most common tooth-related problems is when a tooth becomes severely infected. When this happens, there is only one option: to have the tooth surgically extracted. Many people associate tooth extraction with pain and discomfort, but there are many benefits to getting it done. For starters, you will have a beautiful smile that is free of imperfections. It may also be beneficial for your oral health in the long term. Read More 

How to Strengthen Your Tooth Enamel

Your tooth enamel is the most important barrier your teeth have against bacteria. When bacteria are able to infiltrate the enamel, they eventually cause cavities. Reducing enamel damage and finding ways to strengthen weak enamel is your best defense against potential dental problems. Start With Your Diet A poor diet is not only deficient in trace minerals responsible for keeping your enamel strong, it may also have other qualities that weaken it. Read More