Why Teeth Discolor As You Age

When children first get their teeth, they are white and bright, but this does not stay forever. As a person ages, his or her teeth will slowly become yellow and discolored, and this tends to be a common and normal part of aging. If you have teeth that are discolored, it is probably due to one or more of the following reasons. Enamel erosion Enamel erosion is what happens to your teeth when the enamel wears off. Read More 

What To Do About A Weekend Toothache

Having a toothache is no fun, but it's even worse when its on the weekend when your dental office is closed. Tooth pain makes everything miserable, from eating and talking to simply trying to sleep at night. The following guide can help determine the best course of action so you can survive the pain until you can seek dental services. Assess the cause Knowing the cause of the toothache may enable you to lessen it or even stop it completely. Read More 

Missing Teeth? Dentures Are A Great Option

Dentures can sometimes get a bad rap for being uncomfortable or looking unrealistic. However, if you are missing teeth, the pros of dentures can outweigh the cons. Here are some great reasons why you should consider dentures during your next dental visit. They Are Affordable If you want to get implants, you may have to pay roughly between $1,000 and $3,000. That price range could just be for one tooth crown, so if you are missing a lot of teeth, it may not be a viable option. Read More 

What Is The Process To Get Your Dentures?

If you have teeth problems, your doctor may suggest that you get dentures. If you are going to get dentures, there is a whole process that you are going to have to go through in order to get them. You have to go through the whole process, otherwise, you are likely to have problems with your dentures fitting after a while. So, how does the process work? Molding The first thing the dentist is going to do is to make sure that they take molds of your mouth. Read More 

3 Reasons For Gum Bleeding When Wearing Braces

If your teenager wears braces, the dentist will provide him or her with a list of instructions on oral appliance care. While orthodontic appliance instructions typically include things to avoid such as chewing gum or eating sticky foods, they will probably not list the reasons for bleeding gums when wearing braces. Here are three reasons teenagers may experience gingival bleeding when wearing braces and what they can do about them: Read More