Veneers Vs. Braces: How To Choose The Best Dental Treatment For Tooth Misalignment

Misaligned teeth can cause chewing problems and lower one's self-esteem, especially if the misalignment is on the front teeth. Choosing the right treatment for tooth misalignment can be an overwhelming process because of the many options. Two common treatments you will encounter are braces and veneers. Although they both address misalignment, these two dental treatments have various differences you should consider before making a choice. Here are the key factors to consider when comparing veneers to braces for dental misalignment. Read More 

Tips for Eating After You Have Dental Work Done

Are you planning to have dental work done in the near future, such as a root canal, tooth extraction, or filling a cavity? If so, you may be wondering about eating after visiting the dentist. Here are some tips that will help you out. Wait for the Anesthesia to Wear Off It is always a good idea to wait until the anesthesia has worn off until you start eating. When your mouth is numb, it's incredibly easy to accidentally bite your tongue or another part of your mouth, because you cannot feel what you are biting on. Read More 

Have a Toothache? Know How You Can Stop It from Hurting

Are you experiencing a toothache and not sure what to do about it? The pain from a toothache can come on quickly and be persistent, meaning that you are stuck at home waiting until you can see a dentist. Rather than just tough it out until your appointment, it will help to know these tips to deal with a toothache and stop it from hurting. Bring Down the Swelling You may not be able to see the swelling, but the toothache is likely caused by the inflammation of your tooth's nerves or the gums. Read More 

Do You Have A Family Member Who Cannot Easily Visit Their Dentist?

A dental clinic should be well-equipped to serve patients from all walks of life. Certain considerations can apply for patients with diminished mobility or cognitive functions, but the services on offer are as accessible as possible. However, a patient may reach a stage in life when physically visiting their dentist becomes impractical and even impossible. This may be the case when you have a parent or grandparent whose reduced mobility and cognitive changes (such as those experienced during dementia) mean that a dentist must come to them. Read More 

Things To Expect After Leaving Your Botox Treatment Appointment

If you are new to Botox, you might not really know just what it is that you should expect. This can be concerning for a lot of people, as it's the not knowing that can cause them to have anxiety about getting the Botox treatment. However, it is a simple process and once you have a good understanding of what you should expect after the appointment, you will be ready to go. Read More