Dental Implants Complications And Prevention

Dental implants are an excellent choice if you want to replace missing teeth. They are artificial roots to hold replacement teeth that a dentist surgically inserts into your jawbone. One advantage of a dental implant is that it looks and feels like a natural tooth. But as is with all medical procedures, there is a possibility that something could go amiss. It is important to know what could go wrong and how to give yourself a better chance of a successful procedure. Read More 

Playing With The Senses: How Dentists Calm Their Patients

Millions of Americans abhor dental consultations or treatments. Even those who are brave enough to set up appointments develop anxieties when they set foot inside their dentists' offices. Therefore, discerning dentists have come up with ingenious ways of ensuring that the sights, smells, and sounds of their dental officers don't assault their patients' senses. Here are three examples of measures taken by dentists to assuage their patients' anxieties: Sight Read More 

The Four Most Common Oral Health Problems For Seniors

Oral health changes at different stages in your life, which means different problems arise at different times. When it comes to senior oral health, there are specific problems that are more common at this stage in life than at other times. Here are the four most common oral health problems seen at this stage in life: Cavities: The reason cavities are more present in the elderly is because they don't usually go to the dentist as often as they used to. Read More 

What’s Necessary To Keep Dental Implants Clean?

If you're interested in having dental implants installed to replace one or more missing teeth, you probably have questions about hygiene. Keeping prosthetic teeth like bridges and dentures often require special cleaning practices in order to keep them tidy, so it's a reasonable question to ask. Read on to learn what's needed to clean implants and how they offer advantages over both teeth and other forms of prosthetics. How to Clean Dental Implants Read More 

How To Keep Your Gums Healthy If You Have Arthritis In Your Hands

Having arthritis in your hands can make everything harder in your daily life, including maintaining your oral hygiene. Nonetheless, it's important to make sure that your gums are kept healthy, even if it's difficult for you to pinch floss between your fingers or to maneuver your hands to floss between your teeth. If you're struggling with maintaining the health of your gums due to arthritis, read this guide to learn how you can make it easier. Read More