Traditional Braces Alternatives For Adults

When an adult finds out that they need braces, walking around with metal brackets and wires sounds like a nightmare. Fortunately, there are alternatives that can still help you achieve a beautiful smile. Here are just some of the alternatives to traditional braces you should consider.   Clear Aligners If you can't see yourself with metal brackets and wires in your mouth, clear aligners offer an alternative that can still help improve the appearance of your smile. Read More 

Getting To The Root Of A Cavity

No matter how hard you try to prevent the development of cavities, they can still occur. You want to further your knowledge of them so you can take extra tips to avoid them. This article is a great place to start when it comes to learning about cavities, how they progress and what can be done to prevent and treat them. The beginning stages of a cavity Plaque buildup contains bacteria and acids that work to destroy the enamel of your tooth. Read More 

Options In Sedation Dentistry That Can Help Your Dental Phobia

Sedation dentistry is a something to consider if you have a fear of going to the dentist. It makes dental procedures easier to bear because you are given medications that help you relax. You may be so relaxed that you sleep during the office visit and remember very little about the procedure itself. There are different option available in sedation dentistry. Depending on your dental needs and degree of phobia, your dentist will choose among these types of sedation. Read More 

Common Treatments For Repairing Broken Teeth

If you chip or break a tooth, then you may be nervous about the treatment you may be looking at for repairing the tooth. The form of treatment will depend on many factors including which tooth is broken, where the break is, how severe the break is and the condition of the remaining part of the tooth. Learn about some of the repair options in the information below: Filling the broken area Read More 

Smile With Pride: Three Foods That Can Boost Your Oral Health

When you're gone through the process of having cosmetic dentistry work done, you've already made a time and financial investment in your smile. While you can take steps to ensure that your diet doesn't harm your pearly whites, you can also take a proactive role to ensure your diet actually benefits your smile. A wide range of foods and drinks can positively contribute to not only the appearance of your teeth, but also your oral health overall. Read More